A grant has been awarded to Trickle Up’s Graduation Project for the second year

The Foundation is pleased to again partner with Trickle Up to support their Graduation Project.  Trickle Up helps people in extreme poverty and vulnerability advance their economic and social well-being. They drive large-scale change by partnering with governments, global institutions, and local organizations. Trickle Up’s primary focus and expertise is reaching the most vulnerable and excluded women, people with disabilities, members of indigenous groups and refugees in the Americas, Africa and Asia. They work with local and global partners to implement a program called the Graduation approach to help people take a series of steps in the path toward greater economic self-sufficiency.

The graduation project from 2018 will include:  Jovenes Empoderadas – 700 indigenous young women in partnership with the municipalities of Coban, Chahal, and Cahabon.  Inclusive Ixcan – 350 indifenous young women and people with disabilities in partnership with local organizations FundaLachua and the municipality of Ixcan.  Two new projects to work with an additional 450 indigenous young women and people with disabilities in partnership with the municipalities of Ixcan and El Estor beginning in the coming months.  In Mexico, Trickle Up is working with their local partners to reach 425 indigenous Mayan families in the Yucatan.  In Paraguay, Trickle Up’s partnership with the Ministry of Planning will reach its first 540 families in 2018, with the goal of reaching 3,800 families through the Graduation Approach in the coming years. Trickle Up’s Graduation Approach has demonstrated its validity in improving the lives of the poorest families. Trickle Up contributes to an engaged, well-organized community of practice. Graduation is a sequenced, timebound approach combining careful program participant selection, business and livelihood planning training and one-on-one coaching, cash transfers, and savings groups to build a ladder of support for participants to move out of poverty. The program components work together to increase both the economic and social empowerment of participants.