Awarded Grants

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April Grants

The following organizations were awarded Grants in April, 2024:

  • The Drake House –  In North Georgia supporting women and their children who are experiencing homelessness.  They offer a series of life skills programs that help women develop needed the skills they use to obtain employment and housing and  childcare while these ladies are in classes.
  • Missouri Girls Town – works with neglected women, helping them over come severe trauma they have faced.
  • Society for Women Engineers – supports girls in the field of engineering, a field typically dominated by men. They work with girls in grades 9-12 who are looking to pursue a degree in engineering.
  • Community Youth Advance – They work to overcome a huge problem that has developed with COVID, which is students who have fallen behind in school.  They offer academic and mentoring programs that work with these students to bring them back up to grade level.
  • Girls of Alameda County Inc. – this organization is out of Oakland, CA whose focus is helping girls, overcome academic obstacles they face.
  • City Care –Oklahoma City, operates a program to help bring 1st through fifth graders up to reading level.  Kids who fall behind in reading typically fall behind all throughout school and have a hard time ever catching up.
  • The Women’s Home  -Houston, TX, who work with women who have mental illness and victims of substance abuse looking for help. They are developing a new outpatient program to help these women.
  • New Morning –  Columbia, SC , who works with women to educate them about unplanned pregnancies and provide contraceptive methods.
  • Women Global Empowerment Fund – continuing and expanding their agriculture, women in agri-business, farming program, supporting Gulu Women’s Resource Centre  and expanding the Healthy Periods Initiative to include additional schools and communities and re-igniting our literacy program which has been limited due to regional health risks.

Grants awarded in March

The Foundation is pleased to support the following organizations:

  • Abby Winthrop SMART Girl Program –  a part of the Boys and Girl Club of the Piedmont, North Carolina. This program works with disadvantaged girls from the Statesville, NC region helping them enrich their physical, mental and emotional health. They provide tutors and mentors and introduce these girls to leaders it the area, among other things.
  • Friends of Tilonia –  works in India, whose main focus is work help support women and their craft and artisan based enterprises and programs designed to help with Women’s literacy at their Kaliyachak Girls Learning Centre.
  • Kandelia – in Seattle who works directly with Vietnamese refugees. Their youth programs directly works to help bridge the gaps they face when coming over to America. Helping them catch up academically and also adjust to a very different life.
  • Surge for Water – this is an organization out of Chicago that works with under privileged folks in Haiti, Indonesia, Uganda and the Philippines focusing on water health and safety. This particular ask will help dig, filter and maintain a new well at a primary school in Uganda. Not only will this help with the communities overall health everyone’s health, as they will be able to drink clean water, but also women and children are particularly and adversely are affected because they are the one’s who have to travel long distances to obtain clean water
  • NWA Girl Gang –works with disabled women, particularly trans, non-binary, LBGTQ folks who are under-represented in NW Arkansas through events to provide these women with outlets and information for aid or even companionship.
  • Knothole Foundation – in Charlotte, NC, that work with disadvantaged youth giving them access to team sports with our grant to be used for girls softball as a way to start them in sports and then goes into education.
  • Thrive Scholars – this organizations works for women around the country providing them scholarship opportunities. Particularly women of color who have shown real promise in school and would not otherwise be able to afford or attend college.
  • Found in Translation – out of Boston that works with low income bilingual women helping them with language barriers, particularly with their health care needs. These funds would help them with their medical interpreter program
  • Aspire Afterschool Learning  – Learning Rocks Program,  out of Arlington VA who focus is on helping students who fell behind.
  • Historical Society of Western Virginia –O Winston Link Museum’s  photography program for low income students. Providing these students with opportunities they otherwise would never get.
  • First Tech Fund-   empowering low income high school students in identifying, navigating, and attaining academic and professional opportunities with access to free tech, free broadband, skills training, social capital, mentorship, and more.

Grants awarded in February 2024

The Foundation is pleased to suupport the following organizations:

  • Boys Grow Corp., Kansas City, MO – Mentoring KC youth through agricultural entrepreneurship.
  • Raising a Reader Massachusetts -focuses on the whole family when facing the issues around proficient reading skills for the underserved.
  • The Kwek Society, Arlington, VA- works with Indigenous women students helping them overcome the barriers around lacking the needs for their periods.
  • Empact- Suicide Prevention Center, Tempe, AZ – works particularly youths, in addresses the issues causing suicide keeping youth off drugs and alcohol.
  • Creative Action Institute, Ipswich, MA- works with girls and their families in East Africa, working with them to overcome the challenges of staying in school.
  • Rise Augusta –  Augusta, GA – works with at risk students in the Augusta area to expand their reading and tutoring programs.
  • Tuesday’s Children – New York- They work with children who have experienced the loss of parents through either military/war type events /mass  shootings for their youth and career mentoring programs.
  • World Relief Southern CA –  works with immigrants and refugee children.
  • Unlocking Communities –  Unlocking Communities works with Haiti women, providing them opportunities to become entrepreneurs with though water filtration systems and cookstoves. 
  • Saint Rock Haiti Foundation – another organization that works with women in Haiti, working to help them become financial stable through microloans and trainings.


Grants awarded in January

The Foundation is pleased to partner with the these wonderful organizations with grants that will help women and Children through out the world.

  • Far Away Friends -Schools for Schools Program : Their mission is to equip youth in rural Uganda with the tools to transform their own communities and break cycles of poverty by  addressing the critical issues of high school dropout rates, teen pregnancies, and early marriages in rural Uganda.
  • Saint Ann Foundation- Empowering Women in Uganda: A program to foster economic independence of women and the girl child through mechanized agriculture by supporting them with access to improved seeds and markets for their produce, supporting projects and Skills to boost their incomes,  ensured food security and reduce  Sexual and Gender-Based Violence.
  • Magnolia Academy for Leaders- Career Technical Education Program : Providing low income girls in the Bay area, CA with interships, work experience and apprenticeships in career-focused Technical jobs.
  • Family and Child Empowerment Services, SF- Two-Generation Approach to Financial Independence:  integrates parent and child interventions, emphasizing education, economic support, social capital, and fostering whole-health and well-being.
  • Hilde Back Educational Fund-Gift to a child education project: Providing scholarships for children for secondary school.
  • One Acre Fund – Small Farm Supposrt: helping women farmers in Africa.
  • African Mothers Health Initiative- Infant and Mather care programs: Assisting with infant nutrition.
  • Free to Run – Yazidi and Syrian Refugee Support :empowering  women through sport and outdoor activity.

Grant submissions open January 15

Happy 2024 to everyone.

We are pleased to announce that we will begin to accept Grant submissions January 15, 2024 through June 30, 2024 for grants to be awarded in the year 2024.

  • Please refer to the website as to the application process, review and the follow up  reporting required.
  • The organization requesting funding must be a qualified 501(c)(3) and in good standing with Guidestar.
  • We prefer audited financial statements, but understand that smaller organizations may not have a full Audit.
  • Only limited multi -year grants will be awarded, and subsequent years will still require an annual update status of the project and request for funding,  the payment is not automatic.
  • The average size of an award varies, but is typically between  $10,000 –  $25,000.
  • If this is your first request to the Foundation, please don’t come in with  a large request.  We like to get familar with the organization first.
  • We appreciate status reports, but they are not required. We do ask that a post grant report (form provided) be completed at the end of the grant.

The volume of requests have been increasing significanly and we hope to process requests more quickly this year.

Any inquires should be made to Robert Fox, [email protected].

Thank You, and I look forward to reading about your organizatins, missions and work.

Kathryn McQuade



Grants Awarded in 2nd Half 2023

These Gants were awarded in the second half of 2023:

  • Finemind, Denver CO
  • AHALA for  CODENI, Mexico
  • Gibson Soto Foundation, Ho;;ywood, FL
  • Limbe Wildlife Center, Portland, OR
  • Daring Girls, Denver, CO
  • Hopes’s Door, Inc. Westover, AL
  • One Yard Away, Mint Hill NC
  • Polaris, Washington DC
  • Squash Dreamers, Philadelphia, PA
  • Brooklyn Book Bodega, Brooklyn, NY
  • KingCounty Sexual Assault Resource, Renton, WA

Grant Applications

Due to the large number of grant requests we have recieved  this year,  the Foundation is closing the submission period for 2023 on September 1.  We believe this is necessary to allow us to process the requests that have already been submitted  in a timely manner.  If your organization was awarded a multi year grant, you should still provide your update and post grant review in order to recieve any subsequent awards.

We hope to open the grant process beginning in 2024.

Kathryn McQuade

Grant awards for March, April and May

The following grant awards were made during March, April and May:

  • Boys and Girl’s Club of SW VA
  • Blink Now
  • Catholic Charities of Southern NV- Immigration Services
  • NoKidBehind, Inc.
  • Hilde Back Education Fund, “Gift to a Child”
  • Mother’s for Justice and Equity
  • Connections Homes, Texas “Don’t Go Alone Program”
  • American Fund for Charities- College of William and Mary
  • Medical Teams International
  • Chldren’s Trust Fund of Roanoke Valley
  • IDE – Powering Entrepreneurs to end poverty
  • Women’s Globak Enpowerment Fund


February Grant Awards

The Foundation is pleased to award the following grants:

  • ForKids Inc., is an organization located in Chesapeake Bay, VA whose goal is to help children and their families break the chain of poverty.
  • ProLiteracy –  is a non-profit focused on improving adult literacy in the United States. Based in NY, but operate around the country,  and work with over a 1000 different organizations/programs. A  majority of the folks they help are women and of diverse ethnicities.
  • But God Ministries – is an organization to assist in early intervention education literacy for K to 3rd grade in the  incredibly impoverished areas of Mississippi.
  • Nurture Africa, providing health care and reproductive rights training, nutritious meals,  income generating activities and women and childrens rights.

January Grants

The Foundation has awarded the following grants for January 2023:

  • LEAP (Ladies Empowerment and Action Program) –  Women’s Prison Program the only program in Florida that addresses the unique needs of women starting with in-prison education and continuing with post-release services. Equipping the formerly incarcerated with skills to become self-sufficient as well as wraparound services that positively impact their health and well-being and helping provide  better outcomes for their children.
  • Care Net Women’s Resource Center- Program Expenses for Pregnancy Center- strives to addresses the needs of those who face an unplanned pregnancy and help these women with sustainable improvements in providing for their children’s welfare by empowering, equipping, educating, and enabling them with skills, tangible resources, and physical, spiritual, emotional and mentor support.
  • GenerateHope -Recovery to transition programs for female survivors of sex trafficking, 18 years and older with  comprehensive services to meet the unique needs of trafficking survivors, including: • Trauma-Informed Case Management • Emergency Food/Clothing • Trauma-Informed Counseling • Twenty topic-specific groups • Onsite, year-round education program.
  • Rescue Mission for Steet Life (RMSL)-Technical Training Funding.   The project will benefit  older children (15-18 years, with the emphasis on girls) rescued off the streets of Kampala Uganda by the probation officers, local authorities and the police Funds will be used to run the programs to teach trade and life skills to be able to work and live independently when they transition to adulthood.
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