Awarded Grants

Grants awarded in November and December

Grants awarded in November and December:

  • Hands up for Hatti, an organization that works with folks in Hatti who lack the basic human needs such as healthcare and clean water.
  • New Awakening Recovery Services,  an organization out of Alabama that helps folks, particularly women, recover from substance abuse.
  • JFS- Clifton- Passaic, funding housing program for women who have faced domestic violence.
  • Restavek, an organization that works with children in Hatti who have been subjected to human slavery.
  • Girls on the Run- Minnesota for scholarships.
  • Missouri Girls Town FDN,  who provide care for abused and neglected girls in Missouri.
  • TCP Youth Empowerment is an organization out of Maryland that works with at risk children.
  • One Yard Away, Charlotte, NC helps elderly women and Veterans with their yards.
  • Pathlight International, helps Girls in Belize obtain degress.  Free education stops at age 12.


Grants awarded in October

The foundation is pleased to support the following organizations with grants awarded in October:

– TeachUnited and their School accelerator program, supporting 3 schools in Tanzania.

– Far Away Friends. This is an all women led nonprofit who works in Uganda and whose goal is to break the cycle of poverty.

– Freedom Worldwide Mission. This is an organization to works with folks in Cameroon to help them with all areas of their impoverished lives. This grant  will be used for their Education Rehabilitation Center.

-Africa Exchange Project is an organization that focuses on folks in Tanzania helping with providing suitable clean water, education and healthcare. This grant will help with a school they are building.

-The Citizens Foundation is an organization that supports underprivileged children in Pakistan helping to provide them quality educations . This grant will support their Aagahi program which helps to provide functional literacy skills training to women and girls.

-Womens Global Empowerment Fund, continued support for their women’s programs in Uganda

Grants awarded in August and September

The Foundation is pleased to announce that the following organizations have received awards in August and September:

-YWCA Central Carolinas, Charlotte, NC

-Community Youth Advance, Hyattsville, MD

-Change Choices, Charlotte, NC

-AHALA, Roanoke VA- Life Projects and Super Scholarship

-American Indian College Fund, Denver, CO

-Virginia Foundation for Community College Education, Richmond, VA

-Eleven Pictures, Keyesville, VA

-Tutoring Chicago, Chicago, IL

-Life’s Kitchen, Boise, ID




Grants awarded in July

The following grants were awarded in July:

Minority Humanitarian Foundation , Program Operations: Helping Asylum seekers and refugees

Heartline Ministries- Education Center

Presbyterian Community Center, Roanoke VA Capital raise

Saint Ann Foundation, Empowering Women in Uganda

Grants awarded in March, May and June

The following grants were awarded in March, May and June:

-Unlocking Communities, Chicago, IL-helping men and women, mainly women, in Haiti overcome poverty by providing them goods to sale and also tools to become successful entrepreneurs by forming community businesses.

-Mali Health, Durham, NC- for the prevention work they do for mother and children mortalities in Mali by forming cooperatives that strengthen their knowledge on healthy practices and habits and also make products that promote health for mothers and children.

-NoKidBehind, Indianola, IA- helps kids in Cameroon up their technology skills by providing access to computer labs.  Due to war and Covid many of these kids have lost years of school time.

-Society of Women Engineers, Chicago, IL-working to help women and girls work in engineering and STEM related fields by helping fund  their high school leadership academy.

-AHALA, Children’s Rights Fund, Scholarship support for Codeni in Guadalajara, Mexico

– Fonkoze, USA, Washington DC, Helping women in Haiti with business education and microfinancing to become financially independent

-Women’s Global Empowerment fund, Denver CO, Continued support for their work for Girls in Uganda

First Tech Fund, Brooklyn, NY-helping to close the digital divide for low-income high school students by providing them with  access to free technology (personal computer they get to keep), free internet access, mentorship from young professionals, and access to monthly virtual programming that teaches them key skills and exposes them to careers in tech, law, healthcare, finance, and more.

-Project SchoolHouse, Austin TX-collaborates with rural communities in Nicaragua to provide access to safe, clean water, sanitation, and improved educational opportunities.

-Magnolia Global Academy for Leaders-Magnolia Global Academy for Leaders will prepare Sonoma County students to be leaders in a twenty-first century economy through (1) project-based learning, (2) internship and externship experiences for student learning and exposure, and (3) a travel requirement that allows students to experience the world outside of Sonoma County.


Ukraine Grants

As the world watches the horrors of war and the atrocities waged on the Ukraine people,  the Foundation has made grants to the following humanitarian organizations:

-Doctors without Borders

-Save the Children

-Hope for Ukraine

-Global Giving

-International Rescue Committee


February Grant Awards

The following grants were awarded in February:

-Welcome Home Sis,  an organization based out of Ohio that helps formerly incarnated women become acclimated back into society.

-AfricAid ,  an organization in that supports young women in Tanzania overcome the barriers to  becoming educated and attend secondary school.

-High Water Women ,  an organization based out of New York that supports underserved women and youth. They have 3 core programs, financial literacy, an annual backpack program and an impact investment program.

-Catholic Charities of Diocese of Venice  in Southwest Florida to help  women who have been victims of sex trafficking.

Grant Applications

The Foundation will again accept application requests starting April 1, 2022.

We appreciate your patience as we worked through the backlog.



January 2022 Grant Awards

The following organizations were awarded Grants:

-The Mooncatcher Project, this is an organization that operates in Uganda, Malawi, and Kenya whose their primary mission is to remove barriers for young girls related to menstruation.

-Exodus Road – is a non-profit working primarily with women who have been victims of sex trafficking.

-CENCUDER (Centre for Community Development and Environmental Restoration) – Their goal is to empower youths and women overcome the barriers of poverty, as well as protecting the environment.  The grant provides funding for a footbridge for a rural area of Cameroon that will allow folks to be easily pass over a water system that at times can be very dangerous.

-Foundation for Tomorrow, providing funding for their programs which benefit students in Tanzania.

-Molly’s Bridge,  this organization in Savannah GA that helps  single mother’s transition to independent lives.  Funding will  help pay for one of their family home units.

-Strategies for International Development works with the poorest of the poor farmers in Guatemala. Funding supports a women’s coffee program to help these women grow and thrive in their coffee businesses.

-Girl Up is an organization that pursues gender equality for all women and girls. Funding will help establish strategic expansion Girl Up leadership programs in Africa.

-Chicago Jesuit Academy –  This is a middle school who helps predominately underserved black young men in Chicago be successful when they transition to high school and choose careers.  Funding will focus on technical training and certifications and job placements.



2022 Grant Application Notice

The Foundation closed 2021 with a large increase in Grant requests.  Times are so difficult for so many people across the globe and the complexities of COVID have stretched many organizations.   We have always strived to be timely with responding to the many deserving organizations, but we have fallen behind on the grant process.

As a result, we are closing the application process to any new requests for the first quarter 2022.  Any requests received will not be processed and will have to be resubmitted after March 31.  This will allow us to workdown the backlog of requests already received.

Please also note that anyone seeking a Grant MUST be a qualified 501(c)(3) as defined by the US Tax Code, with the appropriate number and documentation or have a qualified 501(c)(3) sponsor.  Having the appropriate documentation when submitting your application will speed the grant process for everyone.

Thank You, and I wish everyone a better 2022,