Grants awarded in October

The foundation is pleased to support the following organizations with grants awarded in October:

– TeachUnited and their School accelerator program, supporting 3 schools in Tanzania.

– Far Away Friends. This is an all women led nonprofit who works in Uganda and whose goal is to break the cycle of poverty.

– Freedom Worldwide Mission. This is an organization to works with folks in Cameroon to help them with all areas of their impoverished lives. This grant  will be used for their Education Rehabilitation Center.

-Africa Exchange Project is an organization that focuses on folks in Tanzania helping with providing suitable clean water, education and healthcare. This grant will help with a school they are building.

-The Citizens Foundation is an organization that supports underprivileged children in Pakistan helping to provide them quality educations . This grant will support their Aagahi program which helps to provide functional literacy skills training to women and girls.

-Womens Global Empowerment Fund, continued support for their women’s programs in Uganda