Grant awarded to Institute for Economic Empowerment of Women (IEEW)

Congratulations to the IEEW. They have been awarded a $25,000 grant.
The global Peace Through Business program educates women entrepreneurs in Afghanistan and Rwanda
on an annual basis. Starting the first week in January, in-country training begins. Between 30-35 business
women from each country will meet for 10 weeks, 8 hours per week. Women learn business skills such as
creating financial statements and building a business plan. Upon completion of the in-country trainings, 15
women per country will be invited to the USA for further leadership development.
Upon completion of the program, the women can then fulfill the purpose of participating in the program, by
paying forward their experience in their own countries. To further help these women once back in their
country, each of them will have an American business women eMentor and in person mentor to encourage,
guide and support them toward a more sustainable and viable future.
The Peace Through Business program is a very hands on, detailed project. Each business woman is
evaluated on an individual basis to determine their needs. Dedicated personnel ensures the mission of
educating women economically, socially and politically.
Funds from the McQuade Foundation will be allocated in two different areas of the program.
1. Maintain a facilitator in country that can recruit new students on an annual basis and help teach
2. Fund the International Women’s Economic Summit & PEACE THROUGH BUSINESS graduation
ceremony and dinner in Dallas, TX
IEEW measures success based on the number of women trained that are still in business today. Which
happens to be 80% since the inception of IEEW. Other measures include number of employees per company
and the income increase on average per household.
IEEW is 100% funded by private organizations and public corporations