RTC HAS BEEN AWARDED A $15,000 GRANT Community Business Academy and Business Acceleration Services Program.
RTC is a nonprofit organization committed to the economic empowerment of low-income communities
through entrepreneurship. Established in Jersey City in 2004 by two Harvard graduates, RTC provides high
quality business education, year round guidance, and support to entrepreneurs. Of the folks that RTC
provides assistance to, 90% are minorities and 70% are women. The guiding objective is to assist talented
men and women in distressed communities to grow successful businesses that provide income and
employment to their owners and the community at large.

By providing high quality business education and consulting that is custom designed for the educational
needs of low income entrepreneurs, RTC assists these talented men and women to start and grow successful
businesses, which generate jobs and provides economic opportunities for themselves, their families and their

Funds will be used to cover costs associated with marketing, delivering,
managing, expanding, and enhancing RTC’s Community Business Academy and Business Acceleration
Services programs. The business academy program provides 12 weeks of intensive training in business
management skills. After the trainings, graduates receive 3 years of follow up support through the business
acceleration services program. In the coming year, RTC will offer 20 twelve week sessions of the Community
Business Academy across five different cities in two different languages. Each session will have 21 available
spaces, for a total enrollment of 420 entrepreneurs.