Grant awarded to Roanoke Children’s Theatre (RCT)

The Foundation is pleased to again support RCT to allow students access to the programs in the form of full scholarships for 20 special needs children (the goal is 25 for enrollment) for the Kaleidoscope program and the underwriting of student matinee performances  for the RCT4TEENS program. The 2018-2019 program is THE BOY AT THE EDGE OF EVERYTHING, this play was written by Finegan Kruckmeyer and tells the story of two boys in different universes who connect. The social and health themes explored in this production include teen stress, overscheduling, coping skills, and loneliness There are no other similar programs in the Roanoke Valley.

These programs have been targeted because of the special value they provide to students and the growth and success they have made since their initial launch. An important aspect to the success of RCT4TEENS is the strong partnership and coalition that works together to provide information about and examples of healthy behavior for young people. This program works with well-established health focused organizations such as Carilion Clinic, Prevention Council of Roanoke Valley, YOVASO, and Mental Health America. By partnering with these organizations, RCT is ensuring that the subject matter is current and relevant to teens and is presented in a format that they will accept, and provides tools teens can and will use in their daily lives. The grant to Roanoke Children’s Theatre will enable students to have access to services they need. Kaleidoscope camp is a program designed to include students of all abilities and needs in an opportunity to experience performing arts. RCT4TEENS addresses at-risk behaviors affecting our local youth and provides resources and ways to help that the students may not otherwise get.