Grant awarded to Syria Fund

The Syria Fund is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in the United States that supports education programs and hands-on humanitarian efforts for Syrian refugees living in Jordan., has been awarded a $22,500 Grant.

The Syria Fund believes in making direct, specific contributions that have an immediate impact on families in need through partnerships with local organizations. So far, in addition to many humanitarian aid efforts, The Syria Fund has successfully built and implemented education programs that reach over 500 Syrian refugees and other vulnerable Jordanian children. The Syria Fund is seeking funding to expand its education efforts to help transform the prospects for the future for Syrian refugees living in Jordan.

The Syria Fund and its local partner the Middle East Children’s Institute (MECI) propose establishing a Remedial Education Program in three locations in Northern Jordan. This program will provide both Syrian refugee children and other vulnerable youth with sustained remedial academic and psychosocial support to catch up on missed years of education and to keep up with their counterparts in formal schools. Working closely with Jordan’s Ministry of Education, The Syria Fund and MECI will identify existing public schools in which to implement the program, using MECI’s carefully-designed curriculum and a highly qualified and fully-vetted staff specifically assigned to this project.. This  grant of $22,500 will  support one full class of 30 children including all salaries, supplies and extra programming for the year.

The beneficiaries of the Remedial Education Program will include 450 students, 15 full-time teachers, three school counsellors, one dedicated field officer and various other education staff members and hundreds of family and community members. This valuable education enhancement program will ensure Syrian refugees and other vulnerable youth can enter the appropriate grade level in formal schools and maintain and flourish in the classroom. The grant awarded  by the Foundation will support one full class of 30 children including all salaries, supplies and extra programming for the year.

The mission of The Syria Fund closely aligns with that of The Kathryn B. McQuade Foundation — striving to make sustainable improvements in women’s and children’s rights, education and welfare.