NAWBO Institute for Entrepreneurial Development awarded a grant

NAWBO has been awarded a $30,000 grant to assist in funding the Institute’s Virtual Platform.
The NAWBO Institute is an educational foundation that provides
opportunities for capacity building and organizational development for emerging and established women
entrepreneurs. Through the Institute Virtual Platform, NAWBO strengthens the wealth-creating potential of
women business owners and promotes economic development within the entrepreneurial community,
building a legacy of success for the next generation. NAWBO is determined to bring education and mentoring
programs to women, regardless of their global location or social position.
For women business owners, the most glaring “need” stems from the lack of knowledge on how to scale a
business from point A to point B. Education brings the ability for women to build and sustain a business,
leverage capital, and develop a long-term strategic plan and performance management system, enabling
more women-owned businesses to realize growth.
Furthermore, statistics illustrate that new thinking and programming to support women seeking to grow
their businesses is needed. The study states that most of the programming offered through the public sector
and much of the private sector is dated and focused on individuals who want to start a business. However,
few solid programs exist to provide business expansion expertise and engage entrepreneurs – in particular
for women and minorities.
The Institute for Entrepreneurial Development is open to women business owners in any stage of business,
sponsors, and partners around the globe desiring access to the information, education, courses, and network
of support within the platform. The organization emphasizes the virtual support, tools, resources and
education to women of color and to socially and economically disadvantaged women who have additional
barriers to launching and sustaining a business. The accessibility of the Institute’s virtual programming will
allow for more participation of women who face additional obstacles to entry and will be a key resource in
providing them with solutions to the barriers that are currently preventing their growth.
The funds will be used for assisting with funding the NAWBO Institute Virtual Platform. The On24 platform
facilitates communication, virtual networking, best practice sharing, and education for women business
owners, partners and supporters around the world. The virtual platform’s cutting edge technology allows for
interactive and engaging virtual experiences for users.