AHALA/CODENI “Super Scholarship”

The Foundation is pleased to partner with AHALA/CODENI to offer recipients youth with outstanding participation and academic achievement the opportunity to study an undergraduate or graduate degree at a renowned private university in Mexico or abroad. The Foundation has committed to scholarships totalling $150,000 over the next 7 years. The ‘Super Scholarship” will cover enrollment expenses and tuition, a computer, books and other school supplies, as well as a monthly stipend to cover basic living expenses (rent, utilities, groceries and public transportation) for the duration of the program (one to four years). The recipients will be selected by CODENI Administration from students who have obtained academic excellence and “outstanding participation”. “Only recently has the community’s consciousness been broadened to consider higher education (high school and college) as a possibility for themselves and their children. Until now, higher education possibilities have been limited to public and lower-level private schools. The possibility to attend a renowned private university or study abroad represents a new level of opportunity for our youth. It signifies a major breakthrough for underprivileged, impoverished youth a country controlled by racism and class barriers.” said Danielle Strickland, Founder of CODENI.