Grant awarded to YMCA of Roanoke Valley

Congratulations to the YMCA of Roanoke Valley, they have been awarded $30,000 over 2 years to support
STEM after school support for children of minority and low income.

The primary beneficiaries of the grant will be the 60 children in the first
and second years of the after school program. Additionally, the program will be available to other students
who schools have identified as needing help in these areas. Students will come from Hunt Park Elementary,
Morningside Elementary, Lincoln Terrace Elementary, Fairview Elementary, and Monterey Elementary.
The great need for this grant lies in the fact that without a strong foundation in science and math,
individuals are limited to the education and employment options they receive in life. Research shows that
foundational deficiencies can begin as early as the second grade and early education years are critical to
establishing a path to success. There are tutoring options available, but there is not an organization in the
Roanoke Valley providing STEM related support for low income and minority children after school. Because
of these reasons, the Y feels they are making a sustainable difference. Giving these children a true chance to
succeed in life, that otherwise would not happen, is what the program is about.

Funds will be used to cover the costs of running the 28 week after school program. Items such as staffing,
training and supplies are a part of the itemized budget provided. The programs will begin at the end of the
regular school day and will take place at each school location. The Y staff will travel to each school, which
keeps transportation costs low while keeping the children in a familiar learning environment. A healthy
snack will also be provided to children each day. Funds will be spent during the 2016 and 2017 school years.
To measure success, the Y will meet and review with the teachers of each child in the program. The teachers
will report on each child’s progress and grades.