Grants awarded in March

The Foundation is pleased to support the following organizations:

  • Abby Winthrop SMART Girl Program –  a part of the Boys and Girl Club of the Piedmont, North Carolina. This program works with disadvantaged girls from the Statesville, NC region helping them enrich their physical, mental and emotional health. They provide tutors and mentors and introduce these girls to leaders it the area, among other things.
  • Friends of Tilonia –  works in India, whose main focus is work help support women and their craft and artisan based enterprises and programs designed to help with Women’s literacy at their Kaliyachak Girls Learning Centre.
  • Kandelia – in Seattle who works directly with Vietnamese refugees. Their youth programs directly works to help bridge the gaps they face when coming over to America. Helping them catch up academically and also adjust to a very different life.
  • Surge for Water – this is an organization out of Chicago that works with under privileged folks in Haiti, Indonesia, Uganda and the Philippines focusing on water health and safety. This particular ask will help dig, filter and maintain a new well at a primary school in Uganda. Not only will this help with the communities overall health everyone’s health, as they will be able to drink clean water, but also women and children are particularly and adversely are affected because they are the one’s who have to travel long distances to obtain clean water
  • NWA Girl Gang –works with disabled women, particularly trans, non-binary, LBGTQ folks who are under-represented in NW Arkansas through events to provide these women with outlets and information for aid or even companionship.
  • Knothole Foundation – in Charlotte, NC, that work with disadvantaged youth giving them access to team sports with our grant to be used for girls softball as a way to start them in sports and then goes into education.
  • Thrive Scholars – this organizations works for women around the country providing them scholarship opportunities. Particularly women of color who have shown real promise in school and would not otherwise be able to afford or attend college.
  • Found in Translation – out of Boston that works with low income bilingual women helping them with language barriers, particularly with their health care needs. These funds would help them with their medical interpreter program
  • Aspire Afterschool Learning  – Learning Rocks Program,  out of Arlington VA who focus is on helping students who fell behind.
  • Historical Society of Western Virginia –O Winston Link Museum’s  photography program for low income students. Providing these students with opportunities they otherwise would never get.
  • First Tech Fund-   empowering low income high school students in identifying, navigating, and attaining academic and professional opportunities with access to free tech, free broadband, skills training, social capital, mentorship, and more.