Grant award to AHALA/Codeni

Congratulations to AHALA/Codeni, the McQuade Foundation is pleased to continue to support your “Life Project Program” for the next 2 years.

The Annual $35,000 grant will benefit 50 teens and women ranging in ages from 13 to 50. The
project will seek individuals who are eager to develop life skills through education and formal employment.
Additionally, the project will benefit these individuals’ families, by the participants setting examples of what
if takes to obtain a formal education and earn a stable income. By investing in these life projects, AHALA
feels all 50 participants are making significant contributions to their efforts of overcoming their dependence
on the street, thus making a sustainable difference on their and their family’s lives.
This project will be a continuation of the 2 year grant AHALA received in 2014 from the foundation. Originally
the project was to target 20 individuals. Due to the success of the project, currently there are 38 teens and
mothers with life projects in CODENI. Continued support will help ensure the projects remain intact and are
successful. CODENI does collaborate with two other organizations in Guadalajara (MAMA and Mairos Don
Bosco). CODENI regularly refers children to both organizations, as they see a need.

Expenses will include 3 full time salaries with benefits for professionals who will coordinate
the projects, provide personal counseling and tutoring, and referrals. Funds will also cover school and job
training, transportation, mirco-financing for personal businesses, and will provide for field trips to recognize
achievements and laptops for participants. Funds will be spent during a 2 year period from January 2017 to
December 2018.
To track progress, each participant in the program will be measured on their monthly, semester and overall
project goals. This information in entered into the CODENI database to evaluate the relevance of the mission
of CODENI. Twice a year the data is analyzed, after which reports are submitted to AHALA. Finally goals of
each participant are considered and analyzed on how well each individual has been accomplishing those