Hilde Back Education Fund grant Awarded

The Hilde Back Education Fund (HBEF) has been awarded $20,000 for scholarship funds to support 4 students in Kenya, 2 girls 2 boys, over a 4-year term.  The scholarship will cover school fees as well as provision for Psychosocial Support.  The mission of HBEF is “to assist bright children from poor families and disadvantaged communities access education by providing scholarships and other opportunities at the secondary level.”

Refugee Crisis in Europe

Europe is facing its biggest crisis since WWII.  More than three years after the start of the Syrian war, the humanitarian plight of more than 6 million people displaced inside Syria and the 2.8 million refugees scattered in the region is growing more dismal by the day. It is currently considered the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. Many Organizations are trying desperately to help these people.  Five grants for $10,000.00 each have been awarded to the following organizations to help fund these efforts.

*International Rescue Committee


*World Vision


*Save The Children

AHALA Children’s Rights Foundation


Congratulations to AHALA Children’s Rights Foundation the US affiliate for CODENI.  This is the second and final payment for the request to support the Life Projects coordinator and a Psychologist/Operational coordinator.  The project benefits children and women interested in developing life projects through education and/or formal employment, with the goal of helping overcome their street dependencies in Guadalajara.

West End Center of Roanoke VA

Congratulations West End Center of Roanoke VA.  They will receive a grant for $15,000 to be applied to the After School Program (ASP).  The ASP serves Pre-K to High School students.  The program provides enrollees tutoring assistance, reading classes, and STEM opportunities in additional to educational monitoring.

Women Global Empowerment Fund

Congratulations to Women’s Global Empowerment Fund of Denver Co.  They have been awarded a $20,000 grant to continue their loan fund training program for Ugandan women.  The request will also allow them to expand o Haiti to begin a bakery project, to provide  sustainable jobs and assist the community.

Children’s Trust Of Roanoke VA

Congratulations to Children’s Trust in Roanoke VA.  They have been awarded $15,000.00 for their Speak up Be Safe (SUBS)and Stewarts of Children (SOC) programs.  The goal is to educate 7,500 school children in the next 3 years.  and 1000 SOC facilitators.  They will also allocate funds to the Child Advocacy Centers, where they serve children that are victims of abuse and neglect.  The programs serve the Cities of Roanoke and Salem, the Counties of Roanoke, Botetourt and Craig.  This is the first year of a 3 year grant with funding for subsequent years contingent on them successfully raising funds from governments and the UW and individuals.

Grant awarded to the Boys and Girls Club of SW Virginia!

Congratulations to the Boys and Girls Club of Southwest Virginia. They have been awarded $10,000.00 to support their Project Learn program, which is an essential component of our overall programming at the BGCSWVA and is implemented five days a week at our 9th Street Club in southeast Roanoke. This ongoing program provides local youth with affordable after-school and summer programming that increases academic achievement and personal development so that youth stay in school, graduate high school on time, and go on to post-secondary education and rewarding careers.

Grant Awarded to VA Foundation for Community College Education

Congratulations to the Virginia Foundation for Community College Education.  Their Mission is to “give everyone the opportunity to learn and develop the right skills so lives and communities are strengthened.”  They have been awarded $25,000.00 to help fund two activities…Rural Horseshoe Initiative and Great Expectations.  The Rural Horseshoe Initiative is a 10 year project designed to raise educational attainment levels and improve workforce skills in rural VA.  Great Expectations  Education Program for Foster Youth helps current and former foster youth gain access to a community college education and transition successfully to adulthood.  This grant will fund 25 full-time career coaches to serve 300 students.

Congratulations Women With a Cause Foundation

Women With a Cause Foundation in Denver, CO has been awarded a $20,000 grant  to support women and their children while they attend classes that lead to a career path.  Women with a Cause provides economic development programs that focus on education and skill training for women to enable them to be lifted out of poverty and lead to self-sufficiency.  Women With a Cause is an all-volunteer organization.  Congratulations and I look forward to watching your success.

New Grant Award to Rising Tide Capital (RTC)

A grant of $15,000.00 for 5 scholarships.

RT’s CBA is a 12 week/semester long adult entrepreneurship education course, accredited by St Peter’s University.  70% of CBA students are low income women.  The foundation will sponsor 5 scholarships to provide tuition to this program.  Over the last 10 years they have graduated 1,114 CBA Entrepreneurs with over 500 businesses and another 500+ in the planning stages.

Meeting our mission ..”Striving to make sustainable improvements in women and children’s rights, education and welfare.

Congratulations to the  RTC!