Grant award to Roots and Wings (R & W)

Congratulations to R & W, they have been awarded a grant for $25,000 to continue their work with young adults out of the foster care system. R & W was established in 1999 in Morris County, New Jersey. Their mission is to provide young adults who age out of the foster care system in New Jersey with safe housing, educational support, case management, counseling, and life skills in order to empower them toward self-sufficiency.
Without an adequate system in place, studies show that aged out foster care youth are among the most disconnected and statistically vulnerable segment in society. These young adults typically lack the education, job training, confidence, and life skills needed to lead a productive adult life. Each year, approximately 8 to 12% of New Jersey’s foster youth population ages out of state protective care. Most of these individuals are not reunited with their families or placed in a permanent home. National research studies shows that youth who leave the foster care system without a permanent family connection are much more unlikely than other youth to receive a high school diploma and to be unemployed or underemployed.
Many former foster care youth also experience physical and mental health problems stemming from childhoods marked by physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. These youths commonly lack adequate health care as well as the basic life skills and supportive human relationships to sustain them.
R & W is requesting $25,000 for the general operations of their organization. Funding will assist with the costs of delivering their comprehensive services, including safe housing, case management and counseling.