Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada (CCSN) awarded grant

Congratulations to Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada (CCSN), they have been awarded a $30,000 grant for 3 programs. The Foundation is pleased to be a part of your work in these vital areas.
CCSN gives help and hope to people in need regardless of race, religion or creed. CCSN offers more than twenty social service programs to clients from infants to seniors. Within the range of services are the English Language Program (ELP), Immigration Services (IP) and Homeless to Home (HoH).

The goal of ELP is to help refugees achieve economic self-sufficiency through education and employment in the shortest time possible. CCSN has developed the ELP curriculum around this goal, knowing that English language acquisition is essential for newly arriving refugees and immigrants to acculturate and achieve economic self-reliance in the United States.

The IP helps individuals with applications for benefits under the United States laws. IP represents individuals in immigration proceedings, as well as assists those who are seeking administrative relief. Most of the women and children assisted are eligible to pursue asylum-based relief before the Immigration Court. They seek this relief as they have been persecuted in their home countries or have a well-founded fear of persecution. Many of these women and children are victims of street gangs and/or domestic violence in their home countries.

CCSN’s HoH Program helps families who are homeless, or in danger of becoming homeless, end the cycle of homelessness by helping them gain self-sufficiency. Homeless to Home families are typically comprised of single mothers with dependent children under the age of eighteen, which represents 86% of families served during fiscal year 2016. The HoH program is able to assist families for up to one year. Eligible clients are able to choose an apartment in a neighborhood where they feel safe and comfortable or where their child/children currently attend school. CCSN assists with finding apartments; working with the housing management companies; helping with moving the family; and working with utility companies. Once housing stability is achieved, CCSN provides intensive case management to assess additional employment barriers and needs.