Grant awarded to Center in the Square

Congratulations to Center in the Square, they have been awarded a $5,000 grant.
Center of the Square recently launched their Get Schooled! program which utilizes their atrium aquariums, their green-powered rooftop, and the Roanoke Pinball Museum to promote fun and educational learning in Math and Science. The program is available to students through on-site tours and outreach programs.

Funds from a McQuade Foundation grant will be used for sponsorships for the Roanoke Pinball Museum. The museum will offer 500 students in low-income school districts free admission into the museum. In addition to free admission into the pinball museum, students will also get to benefit from the Get Schooled! program.
The need for this grant is due to the fact that in Virginia, Standard of Learning (SOL) scores have become a very important measuring tool for both children and schools. The Get Schooled! program specially gears their teaching towards SOL based learning in areas such as: kinetic energy, speed, force, marine life cycles, and green sustainability. Access to the pinball museum and the Get Schooled! program will help students learn this SOL material.