Grant awarded to Blink Now

The Foundation is pleased to partner with Bink Now with a grant to provide scholarships to children in Nepal.  BlinkNow’s vision is a world where every child is safe, educated and loved. Their mission is to change the world by empowering Nepal’s children. The organization does so by providing quality education, a safe environment and through inspiring others. Their students are the most vulnerable children in Nepal who otherwise would not have access to a quality education. Furthermore, the students’ enrollment impacts their entire family not only by having educated children, but families are also provided resources like medical care, educational workshops, and first priority access for mothers to be enrolled in the Kopila Valley Women’s Center. Their approach is community–based and holistic. The nucleus of the community impact is the school, with additional programs such as their Women’s Center, Girl’s Hostel, Health Clinic, Children’s Home and Futures which collaborate in a symbiotic relationship with the school. Scholarship support and student enrollment is the foundation to our larger community impact. By supporting a student at the school, you are truly impacting the individual, family and community in Surhket.

Upon entrance, the organization strives to teach each of the children the importance of becoming a change maker. From sharing hygiene and basic nutrition best practices with their families at home to becoming critical thinkers instead of learning through repetition, the ways students are growing highlight the big and small changes across their lives. In most cases, this will be the first time students will have access to uniformed clothing, furniture like chairs and desks, and healthcare. They look at their graduating students pursuing their next steps, while simultaneously thinking how they plan to return to Surkhet and leave an impact for the next generation. With these students often being the first in their families to receive formal education, are goal is challenging and motivating them to be leaders within KVS and even more importantly, beyond.

BlinkNow envisions a world where every child is safe, educated and loved. They also know investing in women is one of the fastest ways to break the cycle of poverty and make positive community change happen. They realize that talent is distributed evenly, but opportunity is not. They are providing opportunity to the future change makers in Nepal through a quality and free education. They are also providing opportunity for many women in the community to shine bright and have their voices be heard today. The Kopila Valley School is the foundation of their work—-where all of the other programs stem—- and support for students at the school is the best way to also impact the entire community.