Grant awarded to TechnoServe

The Foundation is pleased to again support TechnoServe with a 2 year grant.  TechnoServe’s mission is to work with enterprising people in the developing world to build competitive farms, businesses, and industries. Their success is measured by increased financial benefits for the people whom they engage. These benefits enable them to improve their resilience and reduce their poverty.  To guide their efforts TechnoServe released a Gender Policy in 2015 which commits them to ensuring that their work engages, empowers and benefits both females and males with the aim of transforming gender relations to achieve gender equality.

The effectiveness of the current Gender Practice is exemplified by the growing internal and external requests for the Global Gender Director’s time to support program development and implementation. Programs throughout their portfolio are requesting technical assistance from their practice and their donors are, in part, funding the practice lead function for institutional capacity building activities, staff training, and strategy and design workshops. The goal is for TechnoServe to become a distinctively effective catalyst of gender transformative development. Both through optimizing their own programming and enabling impact at scale through adoption and replication by third parties. To this end, the gender practice is responsible for achieving the following objectives: 1) Improve gender practices across TechnoServe’s programming. 2) Increase TechnoServe’s influence on gender transformative development. 3) Increase and diversify funding for TechnoServe’s gender initiatives. 4) Establish a sustainable funding model for the gender practice’s leadership.

With the Foundation’s support TechnoServe can continue to make substantial improvements in gender practice and the development of more effective interventions to lift women out of poverty.