Grant awarded to Butterfly Effect Center, under Lighthouse Peace Initiative

Butterfly Effect Center is addressing the problem of providing education and supplemental food to Syrian children in refugee camps in Lebanon. This grant will benefit the Syrian refugee children in the Siknaf and Khalaf camps in the Bekaa Valley. These children have a huge gap in their education and have nothing to do in these refugee camps. These funds pay for transportation to the building where educational classes are held and supplemental food is provided for them. This grant will cover this year’s spending costs. The impact that it will make on the community is allowing the children to learn computer programming as well as reading, writing, math and other skills that will allow them to pursue a better life when they get out of these camps. Progress is measured through how the kids progress in their basic skills, motivation and behavior. Education and supplemental food allows for these children to grow physically, emotionally and intellectually so that their future is better and they can assist their families.