Grant awarded to Community Relief & Development Action, (COREDA)

The Foundation is pleased to award a grant to Community Relief & Development Action. COREDA is a development driven, non-profit making and non-governmental organization started in 2009 .  The mission of the organization is empowering and sustainably improving the living conditions of children, women, vulnerable youths and disadvantaged rural and indigenous forest communities in the South West Region of Cameroon.

The organization began its mission in 2016 and has since acquired a piece of land for the permanent site of the educational and social centre for orphans and vulnerable children. The organization is continuing its efforts of raising funding for the construction of a permanent structure, the current home based centre has over 60 children and increasing demand. Many challenges have persisted including the lack of financial motivation of volunteer teachers, the need to feed and clothe the children, lack of furniture such as tables, chairs, teaching boards, Laptop/projector to better transmit both audio and video prerecorded teachings etc. It is from the above premise that COREDA intends to bring sustainable solution to the educational needs of children. Currently, they are working with over 80 children and have many more children that would like to enroll, but they cannot sufficiently accommodation them all at the moment. Tiko, with its relative stability, has continued to be a refuge for internally displaced children and educational refugees who flood the community every day. While many privileged children have been relocated to safe francophone zones, the education of underprivileged children is in serious jeopardy. COREDA believes even in the face of crisis, children’s right to education must be sustained. The belief is that if they build and run a school, they will be able to provide long term quality primary education to orphans and vulnerable children in Tiko semi-urban. COREDA’s plan is to build a school of 6 permanent classrooms. They will have an effective enhanced teaching-learning process through these new accommodations and facilities. This will allow at least 320 children a year to acquire adequate literacy and numeracy skills that will enable them to read with fluency, write with accuracy and express themselves with confidence, calculate and integrate themselves into society. These children will acquire a solid academic foundation rooted in STEM that will propel them for further academic pursuit and guarantee a better future for them.