Two year Grant awarded to AHALA/CODENI Life Projects

The Foundation is pleased to continue it’s support of CoDENI’s Life Projects program.

Founded in 2005, AHALA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of street children in Latin America through education and social services.

Participants of CODENI live and survive in the most marginalized neighborhoods of Guadalajara, Mexico. They are at a high risk of dropping out of school and lack the necessary skills to make improvements to their lives. Due to this problem, these individuals depend on the streets for their needs. A grant from the Foundation will benefit 50 teens and women ranging in ages from 13 to 50. The project will seek individuals who are eager to develop life skills through education and formal employment. Additionally, the project will benefit these individuals’ families, by the participants setting examples of what it takes to obtain a formal education and earn a stable income. By investing in these life projects, AHALA feels all 50 participants are making significant contributions to their efforts of overcoming their dependence on the street, thus making a sustainable difference on their and their family’s lives. The funds will be spent over the two-year funding period, from March, 2019 to February, 2021. This timeframe enables participants to make significant accomplishments in their life projects. They anticipate the graduation of five participants from the program over the next two years, meaning they will have fully overcome their dependence on the streets and are able to fully dedicate themselves to their life projects