Grant awarded to FINCA International

Funding will support 3 main activities of the BrightLife Program, which will receive a $25,000 grant.
The Foundation is happy to be partnering with FINCA for the third year.

Worldwide data states that over 1 billion people lack access to electricity, and 3 billion lack access to clean
cooking and heating solutions. In Uganda, close to 90% of Ugandans are not connected to the electric grid
and 75% of Ugandans rely of unclean energy sources for cooking and heating. Additionally 35% of Ugandans
lack access to clean water.
Innovative and affordable products have been developed in areas of energy,
access to clean water, and sanitation. Products include low-cost solar lanterns, clean cook stoves, and water
filters. Over the past 2 years, FINCA’s BrightLife program has tested a unique approach to bringing these life
savings products to the “Bottom of the Pyramid” populations in Uganda.
FINCA has however encountered problems due to many of the products failing to reach their desired target
market In response to customer feedback, FINCA re-evaluated its business model for BrightLife, and has modified
their approach.
Today they are growing their presence deeper into the un-electrified Ugandan countryside by
focusing on:
1. Growing our Community Mobilizer program – this program will help reach deeper into rural markets
by building trust networks. In 2017 FINCA intends to grow the program by focusing on training and
employing women and youth. The goal is for community mobilizers to help products reach their
desired destination, while remaining intact.
2. Launching a customer awareness and education campaign – the products the BrightLife program
intends to distribute require customer education on product usage. This program will train the
community mobilizers of how to use products, so they can share with our community members.
3. Revising our financial model to better match customer cash flows – products that BrightLife
distributes are more effective and more energy efficient energy substitutes for families and should be
priced to mimic the way customers purchase energy products. The pay as you go product will allow
families to pay for energy and products on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule, whichever works
better for each client.
Funds for the BrightLife program will be spent from January to December 2017 and will be used across 25
locations in Uganda.
Success is measured by FINCA looking at product uptake as well as the social impact that the model has on
end users of the products. Outreach indicators such as the number of households reached and the number of
indirect beneficiaries will also be measured.