Grant awarded to Fonkoze

Fonkoze was founded in 1994 by a group of Haiti grassroots organizations that wanted to empower the rural poor in Haiti.

Since March of this year, Fonkoze’s clients have been confronted with the COVID-19 crisis. The pandemic arrived in Haiti later most countries. The Haitian government took swift action to mitigate the spread of the virus, though necessary, has caused a severe impact on their economy. In the immediate near team, Fonkoze has worked to protect clients and staff, developing informational resources and materials, and also equipping them with essential supplies such as facemasks, hand sanitizer and hand washing stations. As Fonkoze looks to the future and ways their lending programs need to adapt, they have determined a digital platform is needed more than ever before. The Fonkoze Foundation, in partnership with Fonkoze Financial Services (SFF) will look to provide their client’s access to EdTek. EdTek will enable loan officers the ability to monitor the circulation of a shared tablet computer, provide technical support to users, and occasionally bring the tablet to a branch to upload data and access software updates for Fonkoze’s loan programs.

EdTek is currently being piloted in the Jacmel region and lessons learned will be used for implementation nationwide. The programs activities will include: 1. Training loan officers 2. Training Fonkoze clients on the Edtek Program 3. Conduct monitoring and evaluation activities 4. Provide technical support

Funds will be used  for clients in the rural areas of Mirebalais, the central plateau region of Haiti.