Grant Awarded to Global Women’s Fund, Association for women’s promotion and endogenous development (A.W.P.E.D)

A.W.P.E.D, under the Global Fund for Women, is a local feminine organization which supports woman, young girls and children in hard situation in South Kivu Province, the Eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The organization was created by the militants’ woman in October 16th, 1999 at Kiliba, City, Uvira Territory, DR CONGO. Their mission is to encourage the women autonomous efforts relative to the protection and the promotion of their human rights in general and to the improvement of their social, health and economic situation.

This grant will benefit Women that are victims of sexual violence living in Uvira city and villages around the city for the next 2 years. In Uvira city, there is no facility or center to provide these women with psychological care, which can teach these women skills like reading and writing, assure their socio-economic reintegration and help contribute to educating them about these women’s rights. Victims of sexual violence are only able to get medical care after they are abandoned by their families. These women are faced with rape and illiteracy, traumatization, poverty and rejection. Due to these horrible circumstances, this situation is often the cause of these women committing suicides.

The funds will be used to build and equip a women’s psychoeducational center in which victims of sexual violence will be able to learn to read and write, get psychological support and learn income generating activities and their human rights. It will also pay for the training and educational fees for women and girls over 2 years. Buy materials and tools which will be used in the women’s psych educational center, while also paying salaries to the center’s workers.