Grant awarded to Humane Voluntary Welfare Association (HVWA)

HVWA is a grassroots level women leaded, non-government, nonprofit, and non-political organization that has been work in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh State of India for more than a decade. This organization gives top priority to education, health, women empowerment, vocational training, child rights, assistance of children and women, youth activities and counseling.

The grant will be used for Women Through Goat Rearing, Promoting Sustainable Livelihoods of the Rural Poor.  HVWA purpose is to help these women provide a steady and reliable income year-round to their household. Since the typical has no alternative occupation or special skill to subsidize their income, one alternative is to teach these women goat rearing to provide a yearly income and multiply their returns year over year. HVWA has identified 30 women in these communities that goat rearing would help produce a higher, more stable income to support their families. These women would each be provided with 2 goats, as well as being trained in goat rearing. The reason goats are the best animals to use to build a steady, reliable income is because they are a resilient animal that is less affected by the region’s turbulent weather patterns, making them a more reliable source of income. They are easy and cheap for the families to feed as they will eat almost anything. They bread rapidly (2-6 kids/per year) and are a great source of manure, which can be sold. In addition, they provide the family with a healthy and nutritious milk, and meat, which can either be used for household consumption or to sell for income. The key to the success and sustainability of the program is training these women to not only rear goats, but how to save money and have a surplus of income. The initial training will be done by the project. All women involved will be given information about goat rearing and vaccination. They will be given additional knowledge to ensure they are well informed to know what breeds of goats are more profitable, how to keep them healthy, and when to purchase or sell.

Overall, the goal is to enable women to stand on their own and gain economic independence. To do so the women in the country need to be able to produce a sustainable income year-round that is not possible with agricultural work in the area. Goats are the ideal way to achieve this because they have relatively low maintenance and care needs, thus making it the ideal source of income for the rural poor in the area, which will allow them to produce the financial means to care for themselves and their children independently.