Grant awarded to My Little Patient, Inc.

The Foundation is pleased to partner with My Little Patient, Inc (MLP) for their program with Puerto Rico Construction crews.

The goal of MLP is to work towards equitable, sustainable healthcare across the globe. This includes but is not limited to education, medical and dental services, housing and clean water, all essential to good quality of life. Since its recent inception, MLP has been successful in partnering with other non-profits to provide education, services and construction in multiple countries including Haiti, Puerto Rico and India.

Since Hurricanes Maria and Irma devastated Puerto Rico, housing has been a concern for a large percentage of the population across the island. MLP will provide assistance in this regard by sending teams of construction crews in waves to provide the needed services so that people are again living in structurally sound houses. There has already been work done, however, there is still a large need and federal funding is running low. They will identify specifically, households in which children live, to work towards providing a sound environment for the children to thrive. This grant will be used to provide adequate, structurally sound housing for families with children, in which their current structures are unlivable or not structurally sound, which present a challenge to living a healthy life, which then impacts the children’s ability to learn, grow, attend school and live the most productive lives possible. The ultimate beneficiaries will be children and their families who are struggling in the aftermath of death and destruction caused by Hurricane Maria and will receive much needed housing assistance.