Grant awarded to The Foundation For Tomorrow

The Foundation is pleased to again partner with The Foundation for Tomorrow (TFFT) whose mission is to secure quality education and emotional support for orphaned and vulnerable children so that they may reach their full potential and thrive in their communities. Their new initiative – The Learning Centre – will expand and strengthen TFFT’s commitment to the students, teachers, families, and communities that they have been working with for over 10 years. TFFT has a proven track record in Tanzania, developing sustainable pathways toward opportunity. This Centre is designed in partnership with the local government (Ministry of Education and Social Welfare) and with the support of their most steadfast partners.

The Grant will provide funding for the Higher Education Advisory and Scholarship Centre, an integral part of The Learning Centre. This dynamic community centre will provide multifaceted services, including a space dedicated to guiding young Tanzanians on the path of higher education. Funding specifically from this grant will underwrite the tools needed in this effort, most specifically the costs of constructing this facility within the Learning Centre. Support of The Learning Centre and, more specifically the Higher Education Advisory and Scholarship Centre, will ensure that Tanzania’s best and brightest and most tenacious won’t miss out on their opportunity of pursing their educational dreams due to lack of funding or understanding of the possibilities available to them. The Higher Education Advisory counsellor will be the students’ advocate, mentor and greatest cheerleader in a process that is challenging and stressful to even the world’s most affluent and connected young people. Providing a bridge of support in the form of experienced counselling as well as application and testing assistance on the long path of academic achievement is a highly sustainable undertaking and will yield myriad results. The immediate effect of The Learning Centre intended will have a multitude of initial impacts on the community. The first would be the simple presence of this leading edge facility at the base of Mt. Meru. Designed using the One Planet Framework, the sustainable nature of The Learning Centre is a significant differentiator. This space will transform the way individuals look and think and that includes the building itself. The long-term sustainability of it lies not only in the building itself – the nuts and bolts commitment to the community – but also in the ongoing programs that will provide access to educationally enriching learning opportunities for Tanzania’s youngest learners, young people eager to continue on to higher education and professional pursuits, and adults who seek to expand their possibilities through entrepreneurial endeavors.