Grant awarded to Squash Dreamers

The Foundation is pleased to again support Squash Dreamers.  Positive stories coming out of refugee communities are hard to find. This is particularly true for young girls in Jordan, where cultural norms often prevent them from pursuing as many opportunities as their male counterparts. However, Squash Dreamers is combating that narrative. They are creating new opportunities for girls that will enable them to embark on promising athletic and academic careers. They are instilling confidence in the girls so that they can make greater achievements and make more positive impacts in their communities. By developing more prominent female athletic and academic figures, they hope to give future refugee and Jordanian girls positive role models to emulate.

Given the success that Squash Dreamers had with the current program, they are seeking additional resources that will allow Squash Dreamers to expand activities and serve more girls. The funds with be used to:  Expand the team from 30 to 105 girls of multiple nationalities  Have a new set of uniforms, racquets, shoes and team gear for new players.  Host and official tournament in winter and summer in the Jordan Squash Federation.  Hire two more Full time English Directors and two more Full-time Squash Coaches  Hold 1 hour long classes on women’s empowerment, initiative, teaching young girls’ life-long skills on entrepreneurship, writing, public speaking, self-improvement and team building skills