Grant awarded to Muayenkeng Development Farmers (MDFCIG)

The Foundation is pleased to award a grant to Muayenkeng Development Farmers (MDFCIG).  MDFCIG mission is to carry out sustainable agricultural and environment protection activities with children and women’s group. To carry out community development projects in schools and communities. To campaign for education for all and support poor communities with renewable and affordable energy so as to better their living conditions.

The goal of the project is to install 12 solar panels of capacity (2500W) through a series of connections that will supply solar energy to 200 houses located in the Ebase village.  The solar installation power plant project is aimed at providing a solution to the problem of lack of electricity in an isolated and abandoned village. It is intended to help break poverty and darkness cycles that exist among generations. Unfortunately, the area has reached a point where the poor inhabitants cannot afford fuel, commonly have sleepless nights and have lost loved ones through home fires. Program objectives:  To provide solar energy to 200 houses located in a rural village called Ebase-Bajoh.  To equip each household with 4 lamps of 12V and two sockets.  To enable children to receive better grades while studying in a better environment.  To prevent further incidences of fire burning homes and killing children.  To provide an innovative cheap means of home lighting as opposed to kerosene and firewood, which are toxic.  To relieve pressure put on the nature through unsustainable exploitation of forest for fuel.  To enable women to operate small appliances like grinding machines that will reduce their energy in having to physically pound the mortar in the kitchen.  Facilitate rural economic development by creating job opportunities in the Ebase village