Grant awarded to Zoe Empowers

The Foundation is pleased to support Zoe Empowers.  Zoe Empowers is 501 (C)(3) based in the United States, with a 15-year history of breaking the cycle of extreme poverty for orphaned and vulnerable children in India, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Liberia. They passionately believe that simultaneously addressing the complex and multi-dimensional needs of these youth, and providing them with the capacities and tools to become business owners so they can be their own catalysts for change, is the only way to make a long-lasting economic impact in their lives and communities. Their three-year program is grounded in the United Nation’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and is a platform for orphaned and vulnerable children to achieve a healthy, safe and stable life, complete their education, learn vocational and business skills, and start their own business.

Zoe Empowers will use the funds to expand their 3 year community-based youth empowerment program. Social workers will invite youth to join an empowerment group of 60-100 children, where they will be assessed to determine their immediate needs. Youth will develop leadership teams among their groups and an adult will be will be selected by the youth, vetted by Zoe Empowers and will serve as a mentor to the youth. In year 1, support is provided so each youth is living in a safe home with improved water and sanitation facilities. Youth will also learn health promotion and disease prevention strategies. In year 2, younger kid’s progress in primary school, while older kids complete vocational training in a specific trade, learn business and entrepreneurial skills and receive tools or a grant to start a business. In year 3, youth continue to expand their business, while younger kids continue to progress in school.

Zoe Empowers program is distinctive from other programs in the following ways:  Offers a poverty escape  Targets youths that are often excluded from other programs  Focuses on female empowerment  Based on science and proven results  Cost-effective  Trained professional staff  Engages local partners  Supports families and communities.

Zoe Empowers has a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation process in place which determines achievement of program objectives. Evaluation data is used to support decision making, assure program accountability and drive improvement.