Grant awarded to AHALA (CODENI)

The Foundation is happy to partner with Codeni, through AHALA, to continue their education programs,  Codeni in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico  focuses on empowering street children to overcome the debilitating impacts of life on the street. They provide literacy classes, homework tutoring, arts and crafts, educational workshops related to the risks of the street, life-planning projects, and organized sports and recreation. In addition, families with strong participation are assisted with monthly food baskets, educational scholarships, psychological attention and social services for other needs detected by our staff of social workers and street educators. In 2007, they established a 501(c)(3) organization, AHALA Children’s Rights Foundation in order to provide financial support for CODENI’s programs.

With the issues of COVID, school has been specially difficult for their participants since all classes are held online and  most of the students do not have a computer.  Keeping up with classes has been hard and in many cases impossible.  As a way to continue the educational mission, AHALA choose to initiate  a fall fund drive to provide laptops for the youth of CODENI, which the Foundation matched for every dollar raised.   Happily the children the needed computers and access to a facility that allow for a meaningful year of schooling