Grant awarded to Minority Humanitarian Foundation (MHF)

The Foundation is pleased to support Minority Humanitarian Foundation  The mission of MHF is to provide a humanitarian response to the issues facing asylum-seekers and refugees on a global scale. MHF believes that all humans should be treated with dignity and respect, despite country of origin. Through on-the-ground relief efforts, health services, housing, transportation services and legal representation they work to ensure the health and safety of the people they work with. Then through education and job placement they work to ensure their success in a new country.

MHF  helps refugees, asylees & asylum seekers with basic needs, transportation, and transitional services. When they are released from detention at the San Ysidro border, MHF is there waiting. They provide them with quick and safe transportation from the border to a hotel or host family. They provide them with clothing, suitcases, hygiene items, baby formula, diapers, and essential items. If someone needs medical assistance they will take them to the doctor and ensure they get proper care before traveling. From here they arrange their travel, via plane, train, bus or Lyft, to their family or sponsor home in America. If they have nowhere to go MHF will work to find them a long-term sponsor home.

Some nights they have waited for the ICE bus to release people until 3am. MHF waits for the bus to ensure the safety of the people being released. Instead of sleeping on the street, they will make sure they sleep in a warm bed. 95% of these people have family somewhere in the United States they are trying to reunite with. Usually they don’t even have a cell phone to contact them. MHF ensures each person picked up is reunited with their family. If they can’t afford their own travel, MHF will arrange it for them. They hold their hand each step of the way, until they walk them through TSA security and leave them at their airline gate. There is no official post-release program in place for people being released from ICE detention. They are usually the only organization waiting for the ICE bus when they go down to the border to pick up a client. MHF may have knowledge that one person is being released, and end up helping 10. The organization has provided services and case management for hundreds of refugees, asylees & asylum seekers this year alone. Funds are used to purchase hotel rooms, transportation, luggage fees, and basic needs for the families. The result of the program is life-changing to those that need help.