YWCA Central Carolinas – Women in Transition (WIT) recieves a Grant

WIT, a program of the YWCA Central Carolinas has been awarded a $25,000 grant.
WIT is the primary comprehensive transitional housing program in the greater Charlotte area serving
single women who have suffered homelessness. They can house up to 66 women at a time on their Park
Road campus, where participants receive case management services, have access to their fitness center,
educational workshops and social activities. Women can participate for up to 18 months while they gain the
skills and resources necessary to attain and maintain permanent long-term housing. Last year, 84% of
women who participated for four months or longer exited the program into permanent housing,
successfully moving from a situation of instability to one of security.
WIT provides affordable housing and support services for up to 66 women at a time, who can participate in
the program for a maximum of 18 months. Eligible participants earn less than 50% of area median income
and have suffered homelessness. Last year roughly 75% of participants were African America, 21%
Caucasian and their ages ranged from 18 to 84 years in age.
YWCA feels these funds will especially make a sustainable difference due to the economic conditions in
Charlotte. From a studied conducted by UC Berkely/Harvard, Charlotte ranked dead last (50th out of 50)
among major cities in terms of economic stability. This means if you born to a low-income family in
Charlotte, your chances of escaping poverty are less likely in Charlotte than any other major city in
America. WIT specifically works to lessen this probability and gives women a chance obtain permanent
housing and jobs.
Funds from a grant from the McQuade Foundation will be used to fund the various operations of the WIT
program. Funds will be spent during their 2018 fiscal year.