Grant awarded to New Beginnings Charitable Trust

NewBeginnings works towards eradication of poverty and inequality and to impact lives with a significance difference in the quality of life of the marginalized, women and children; dedicated to creating positive changes in the lives of women, children and the marginalized – vulnerable groups – all who envision a happier, right based, and deeply satisfying life NewBeginnings charitable Trust (NCT) is a registered and tax exempted charitable organization working to build a better society for everyone to live in. NCT primarily focuses on communities that are economically and socially remain marginalized irrespective of caste, religion, race etc. Their fight against hunger, child malnutrition and abuse, disability, gender violence and illiteracy remains focused in this vast culturally complex country.

The project is the Socio-Economic-Political Empowerment of Women / Girl Children of the Dalit and other Marginalized Rural and Slum communities in Krishna and Kurnool districts of Andhra Pradesh. This project is designed on a participatory basis involving all stakeholders especially women and girls. The target area is Tribal and Dalit Villages (Govindapalle, Ellavathul and Mahadevapuram villages). The direct beneficiaries of the present project are: 1. The women members of the Swashakti Mahila Mandali (SMM): 2. Out-of-school children / child workers:  3. Unskilled / Unemployed Unmarried girls between 15 and 25 years:  4. Unskilled / Unemployed Unwed / divorced young mothers, below the age of 25 years: 1572 The present project is reaching out to the school-going children, between 6 and 14 years of age, belonging to the marginalized communities, through awareness programs, evening tuition centers and education scholarships. The project also reaches out to all the women / girl children of the community and their families through awareness programs on various issues (health, social, government schemes, gender health and HIV / AIDS, gender discrimination, child labor, child / adult women domestic workers, child marriage, etc. They will train 60 tribal women in horticulture and land development for cultivation. And 270 women and adolescent girls in income generating skills training such as tailoring, fan coil winding, hand embroidery, Horticulture.

NewBeginnings is promoting Self Help-Groups (SHGs). While it ensures, sensitized and right awareness built women community, It also ensures sustainable economic empowerment to make sure space for growing into gender equality and dignity.  The present project is involved directly with the formations of SHGs and it intends to motivate all women of the project area to form into SHGs, as part of SMM (MACS) and to get them affiliated to Velugu (IKP) project – a women welfare scheme by the state government.

NewBeginnings has committed themselves to working tirelessly to eradicate poverty, social and gender inequalities in all its forms and dimensions; to stand up and uphold human rights; to ensure the empowerment and capacity building of women, children and youth and strive for sustainable developments based on a spirit of strengthened national and global solidarity and thus achieve UNSDGs.